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Glee crack!shipping  Sugary

"You know, you and I, we’re the same— except for the part where I’m a better singer and you just sound like Bea Arthur after getting hit in the head and waking up thinking she was born with buckles on her shoes and a four leaf clover sticking out of her forehead… Sorry, Aspergers." 

Rory, despite being the one with the accent, found it difficult to understand the girl in front of him. She was thin and beautiful and stood in heels with her head held high in confidence as she spoke, but her voice had a sort of scratch to it, it was displeasing to his ears as though he could already tell that the voice that she had earlier mentioned of having was a bit exaggerated. Her voice was a little displeasing to hear, but the forward confrontation lacking introductions was actually pleasing. It was better than a greeting that involved his face only being remembered being with a locker next to it rather than a name.

He found himself wanting to hear more of her voice. “What do you mean?”

"What I mean is," Her eyes still held that gleam of determination he could hear under her voice. "You don’t deserve to only be accepted after face planting into lockers and I don’t deserve to start my own club and be shoved to the side. You and I deserve better. You and I should start something better for us, something that will get us what we deserve."

His eyebrows rose feeling surprised, but also having to admit to being blown away. He wasn’t sure what he was blown away by, whether it be because he didn’t except someone to actually talk to him this much or because he didn’t expect to be included in an ‘us’ or because he did actually believe he deserved better. Or maybe something inside of him began to feel as though the two of them would be able to get something better out of this. Whatever it was, it was the reason behind why a smile began to grow across his face as he looked at her once more.

"I’m Rory Flanagan."

"Sugar. Sugar Motta. That’s a name you’re going to be remembering for a long time."

"I know… I know."

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